2016 Week 17

Week 17 is done! Yeah!!

I got a new camera, and playing with it has really increased the amount of photos I’ve taken. I also took Ali Edwards Storytelling with Project Life class. I haven’t finished it yet, but looking through her pages and books has pushed me to work on composing my photos. I’ve started asking myself “What story am I telling?” It’s a great class!

I’ve stuck with using Kate Hadfield Doodled Pocket Page #1 Templates http://the-lilypad.com/store/Doodled-Pocket-Pages.html Design A style. I like knowing that I will have some big pockets, and the little pockets. Because I wanted to include the different hair photos, I adapted the corner with extra smaller photos. Then copied that format to the left side page too for balance. I used a new kit this week, I find varying the kit helps me not get bored. Plus, I’m scrapping other pages, and that lends to a different creative outlet. The kit I used is Lynn Marie This Week Bundle http://the-lilypad.com/store/This-Week-bundle.html and my font: KG Just Realize

I finished Week 18, and I’ll have that posted next week!

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