November Challenges

I love a good challenge. When I’m feeling stuck, or not sure what I want to scrap a challenge can push me out of that rut. It can push me to make decisive decisions, and get things scrapped! The other night, I had a few hours to scrap, but no idea what I what to scrap. Off to the November Challenges! I glanced through them, and decided to start with the template one. After all, free template, and a great place to start.


I wasn’t positive what I wanted to scrap at first. I did know the template wanted to be rotated on my canvas. I decided to glance through my 3 starred photos, and this one jumped out at me. I love the look on his face. He might be looking at a bug on the tree. He might just be looking down at the bark. But the look of concentration, and the way he is bright against the background made me smile. Once I picked the photo, I knew I wanted to use the No filter word art. The No Filter is a play on the photo – no editing, and the boy – no filter on his mouth, he just says what he is thinking. I love the way it turned out!

Do you like challenges?

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