Christmas Moment

I did a December Daily one year, and it was stressful for me.  SO this year, I’m just appreciating the moments as they happen, and documenting them as I’m inspired.

Today, we are watching Christmas movies. Well, Nick is assisting a move, and Matthew and I are watching Christmas movies. We started with Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. Then moved onto Twice Upon a Christmas. It’s fun to see how the animation has changed between the two. And how the stories in the first are about love for your fellow man, and seeking other’s happiness. The second the messages aren’t as clear. I wanted to capture the moment, and as my camera is downstairs, I used my phone.

2016-12-03 16.17.01.jpg

I love the lighting on the tree, and Matthew’s silly Santa hat. But the tv is overblown. Ugh.

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