Silly Little Moment

Some days, Matthew says the darnedest things. After church, we were making lunch. It was a whatever you find, you can eat type lunch. Matthew asked for banana bread. So, I got him two slices, and buttered it. Handed it to him, and he went to the table, ate and ran upstairs to play. I finished getting the bread for dinner ready to rise. I heated up some au gratin potatoes left over from dinner the previous night for myself. I finished getting the bread rising, and sat at the table. Nick made himself Ramen for lunch, and added Sriracha.  I went to sit on the couch and chill. Matthew came back down, walked over to the table and checked out Nick’s Ramen. Then he came over to me.

Matthew: Mom, will you make me some pasta for lunch?

Me: Why didn’t you ask your dad? He’s in the kitchen.

Matthew: I didn’t want to bother him. I’d rather bother you!

Somedays, being the default parent is annoying! I did not make him pasta. I did get him apples, pretzels and cheese instead. One of his favorite lunches.


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