Road Trip Fun

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s the Something Old, Something New sale at The Lilypad today. Which means 50% off specials. I’m a sucker for Road Trips and Travel items because I still have a lot of trips to scrap!
This one is the first leg of the amazing {almost} cross country trip I took with my friend. We traveled to Utah to visit family: 2 adults, and 5 kids ranging in age from 1 month to 8 years old. It was an adventure, and a lot of fun! Matthew was just over 2 at the time, so I didn’t get a lot of scrapping done. I love seeing how little he was, and how tiny the backseat of our car was.


My other page this week is a different take on a road trip. We’ve made the drive from Utah to California or Las Vegas a bunch of times. Beaver is a good stopping point to stretch our legs. I decided it would be fun to combine 2 different road trip photos together. I love seeing Now and Then type pages and seeing the difference time makes.


What are you creating this week?

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