Dandelion Wishes

Sometimes a single photo brings to mind both a childhood memory for me, and a story for Matthew. While I don’t always want to make two pages, I usually do. This time, I didn’t. This time, I put the moment for him on the top, and my little moment on the bottom. I knew my moment, squishing the dandelions on my cheeks, wasn’t enough for a full-page, especially since I don’t have a photo.

I like having both moments on one page. I hope when looking at it later Matthew will enjoy seeing something about me too.

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Your Why

As the year comes to a close, my thoughts naturally turn towards plans for next year. There are always so many projects available how to choose what I want to do?


That comes back to my “Why”. When I was in the corporate environment, we always talked about getting a buy in from our team members. If they didn’t buy in to what we were doing, they wouldn’t be on board. If they weren’t on board, it would be hard to create good habits, or get good quality. If there was no buy in, there was no reason to meet the metrics requires. How to get buy in? Find the why that resonates with them.

I find that scrapbooking is the same. The why dictates the style, the projects, the desire to spend time on my hobby.  My why is To preserve our Family History through words and photos. My why is the reason I add journaling to my pages. My why makes it easy to do so.

Whys can be anything. Maybe it’s to be able to easily admire your photos in  a book. Maybe it’s to share the photos with other people. Maybe it’s the art process that brings you joy. I’ve found once you have the “Why” the rest follows more easily. And if you don’t have a why for scrapbooking? Then maybe it’s time to take a break.

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Silly Little Moment

Some days, Matthew says the darnedest things. After church, we were making lunch. It was a whatever you find, you can eat type lunch. Matthew asked for banana bread. So, I got him two slices, and buttered it. Handed it to him, and he went to the table, ate and ran upstairs to play. I finished getting the bread for dinner ready to rise. I heated up some au gratin potatoes left over from dinner the previous night for myself. I finished getting the bread rising, and sat at the table. Nick made himself Ramen for lunch, and added Sriracha.  I went to sit on the couch and chill. Matthew came back down, walked over to the table and checked out Nick’s Ramen. Then he came over to me.

Matthew: Mom, will you make me some pasta for lunch?

Me: Why didn’t you ask your dad? He’s in the kitchen.

Matthew: I didn’t want to bother him. I’d rather bother you!

Somedays, being the default parent is annoying! I did not make him pasta. I did get him apples, pretzels and cheese instead. One of his favorite lunches.


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Christmas Moment

I did a December Daily one year, and it was stressful for me.  SO this year, I’m just appreciating the moments as they happen, and documenting them as I’m inspired.

Today, we are watching Christmas movies. Well, Nick is assisting a move, and Matthew and I are watching Christmas movies. We started with Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. Then moved onto Twice Upon a Christmas. It’s fun to see how the animation has changed between the two. And how the stories in the first are about love for your fellow man, and seeking other’s happiness. The second the messages aren’t as clear. I wanted to capture the moment, and as my camera is downstairs, I used my phone.

2016-12-03 16.17.01.jpg

I love the lighting on the tree, and Matthew’s silly Santa hat. But the tv is overblown. Ugh.

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I can’t wait for Nick to be off nights. It’s happening. It’s close – January. I know I’ll miss the quiet nights when I scrap after the boy goes to bed. But how much nicer to not lose so much time to sleep during the day for him! How much nicer to be on a more normal schedule! How wonderful to not have to wait until he has spent half his day off sleeping to recover.

Until then, I’ll treasure the quiet nights when Matthew goes to bed early, and it’s just me and the dog.

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Document Your December

Oh December. I have a love hate relationship with you. I love the enjoyment of family. The unique experiences that are available. The focus on time together. But I hate the running running running. And while I love the Christmas decorations and music, come January 1 I am done with it all.

This plays into my documenting of the holidays. Often, I don’t get December scrapped during December, so it ends up waiting until sometime after Halloween when I feel in the Christmas-y mood again. This week The Lilypad is releasing their Document Your December series. Similar to BYOC, it’s a beautiful hodge podge of papers, elements and other pieces to create a cohesive December album. I scrapped a bunch while it. I love the teal and pink and red combo! Classic Christmas, but it also feels new! Here’s my pages:


I especially enjoyed making the advent event calendar! I’m printing it off, and posting it up with a black sharpie. That way we can mark off the things as we enjoy them.

Here’s the sale info!


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November Challenges

I love a good challenge. When I’m feeling stuck, or not sure what I want to scrap a challenge can push me out of that rut. It can push me to make decisive decisions, and get things scrapped! The other night, I had a few hours to scrap, but no idea what I what to scrap. Off to the November Challenges! I glanced through them, and decided to start with the template one. After all, free template, and a great place to start.


I wasn’t positive what I wanted to scrap at first. I did know the template wanted to be rotated on my canvas. I decided to glance through my 3 starred photos, and this one jumped out at me. I love the look on his face. He might be looking at a bug on the tree. He might just be looking down at the bark. But the look of concentration, and the way he is bright against the background made me smile. Once I picked the photo, I knew I wanted to use the No filter word art. The No Filter is a play on the photo – no editing, and the boy – no filter on his mouth, he just says what he is thinking. I love the way it turned out!

Do you like challenges?

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